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Neutering decision

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Hi all, Chance had a check up at the vet yesterday and I was told his testicles still have not descended and likely will not at this point...he's 4 months old. I told the vet I wasn't interested in neutering him until 18-24 months old but she recommended I do so no later than 10-12 months as the undescended testicles could cause cancer. Now I'm a little freaked out because I don't want to wait too long and expose him to that possibility but also didn't want to neuter him too soon. Has anyone ever heard of this or had this problem/decision to make?
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P.S. I also contacted a behaviorist about his resource guarding issues (discussed on grf previously) who told me to have him neutered now (at 4 months!) to help with these issues. I really wanted to wait to allow him opportunity to fully develop but now I'm being advised otherwise.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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