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Need Help!

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Does anyone have advice about controling your golden around other dogs? My dog is eight years old and he is a fixed male. We adopted him and prior to living with us he was with other dogs all the time. We have been noticing now that when we take him on walks or when other dogs are walking and he is in the car he wants to growl, or go after the dogs. While we think he wants to never really know what they are thinking. I am nervous to take him to public places becasue I don't want to cause a scene. Does anyone have any tips?
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I would take some obediene classes to see how he does in a controlled environment with the other dogs. Some dogs growl while on leash but they are good when playing with other dogs. Good luck!!
My Australian cattle dog was a pill as a young dog. On leash she would lounge against the leash and bark her head off when she saw dog coming toughts us. With her it was total frustration that she could not meet the other dog freely. When she was able to meet she was always nice and friendly. Off leash she was always good, I started working on her attention and eventualy she got over it. I got her when she was 2 years old and she had no experiences outside her Backyard. I would also take an obedience class and the trainer can help you read your dogs Body language. Maybe it's like ZsaZsa and it's frustration and he is a nice boy with other dogs.
Good luck,
I am moving this post to a forum that may get you more help.
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