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Need help with registered name

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Friends of mine are getting a new golden puppy November 21/09.
We are excited!!!

They are having difficulty thinking of a registered name for this boy.
His call name is going to be Woody and they are hoping for something in his registered name that has to do with the Fall/Thanksgiving.
The name will start with FortKnox.

Knowing how imaginative all of you are, I told Jenny I would throw this out and see if anyone had any suggestions.

You know, it's actually easier to name a baby than it is to name a

Thanks in advance :)
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I know it's been a while since anyone has posted on this thread but we're getting our pup from Fort Knox in 3 weeks (so excited)! She's actually a daughter of Houston, so is Woody's uncle! It would be great to hear about your experiences and if anyone has any tips/suggestions about her first little while home.
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