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Need help with puppy’s stomach issues

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We got a golden retriever puppy on August 28th from a reputed breeder. She was born on July 4th 2021. When we picked up the puppy except for grade I heart murmur puppy was doing fine according to our vet. Her health check up was done 5 days after we picked her up by our local Vet. At that visit her fecal sample was tested and she did have intestinal parasites for which she was given medication. We were recommended to get her off the raw diet (breeder was feeding raw diet) as there was risk of salmonella and we had a young child at home.

We slowly moved her from raw milk and raw meat diet to Annamaet puppy kibble and pasteurized milk. Along with that I used to give her one cooked egg in tohe morning and boiled chicken in the evening with her meals. During the day I used to give very small quantities of fruits and veggies as treats like carrots, celery, apple, strawberry, watermelon and blueberry. She was doing completely fine on that diet. Her weight was gaining well and her fur coat looked healthy.

We had enrolled her in puppy training classes. On September 26th she had the class and got a lot of treats and that day later my husband also tried to train her with more treats. Next day she had an upset stomach. We assumed it was the result of over feeding the treats. We called our vet's office and they told us to put her on Rice, chicken and pumpkin puree diet. We did that and it had little impact on her stools and she was losing weight. On October 2nd we took the Vet's appointment and the doctor told us to go back to normal kibble diet(Annamaet puppy) minus the milk. She prescribed probiotics for 3 months to settle her gut bacteria. I was told I could add one teaspoon of pumpkin puree to her meal. Her stool was tested and the results were negative for any infection or parasite. Within a day her stools were normal and she started to gain weight and her coat also looked healthy.

All of a sudden on October 25th her stool again became loose with mucus.. We reached out to our Vet. on October 27th. We were asked to do a stool test and put her on a special GI diet. She was prescribed Metronidazole 250 mg (5days) along with stronger probiotic paste(3 days). Doctor thought either she ingested something or had some infection. Immediately after taking one dose her bowel movement was normal. Her stool test came back negative for parasites or infection. By the third day of taking medication I introduced her back to her normal kibble as he seemed fine. I would add 1 tsp of pumpkin puree in morning and evening with ner meal and for treats give her a very small quantity of fruits (apple, banana, strawberry etc)

On November 1st was her last dose of medication and by November 3rd she again had a bad episode of stomach upset. Within a few hours she pooped 6 times. She was again put on Metronidazole 250 mg (5days) and strictly on Royal Canin GI diet for puppies along with probiotics. No other food except for the occasional banana or apple. Doctor suspects she has a sensitive stomach and possibly has IBS as she is too young for food allergies. Again as soon as she took one dose she was fine the next day. But on November 7th was her last dose and today again she had soft stool with mucus in it. Her fur coat has become dull and she is gaining weight but not at the same pace as she was earlier.

I haven't contacted her Vet yet as I want to wait and see if it was a one off incident. I am not sure what to do in order to manage her stomach issues. She is so young right now and health issues for this long will impact her overall growth so we are worried. She is otherwise an active puppy. Anyone else who faced such issues or has any advice?
I am desperate for solution.
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I totally feel for you and we also went through this whole cycle with our 9 month old for months. Lots of really helpful people on this forum chimed in and thankfully we have it under control.

It turned out that our puppy has a chicken allergy. At one point, we had her on Hills Science Prescription diet which is supposed to be incredibly bland and easy to digest but she continued to have soft stool on it, with periods of diarrhea - it was a chicken based kibble. We transitioned her very slowly (over 3 weeks) to a lamb based kibble and she has been doing well since. We do have to be very careful with what we give her in terms of treats as chicken tends to hide in the ingredient list.

When the vet told us she suspected a chicken allergy we were initially sceptical as she had been eating PPP Chicken & Rice for two months with no issues before it started....but she said it wasnt unusual for the allergy to show up like that and in a young pup.

Good luck and hope you figure things out for your girl!

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I've had 2 dogs and they've both had sensitive stomachs. My last needed a hypoallergenic diet. I thought my current was allergic to Chicken, but wasn't actually. I think she just has a sensitive GI system. She also got giardiasis multiple times as a puppy despite my best efforts. I live in a city and it was everywhere.

I feel like the metronidazole carousel of puppyhood is hard. Its got an anti-inflammatory effect so it will slow down diarrhea even if there's no infection. It also sets off the GI flora (kills good bacteria along with bad). I say stick it out--its great you've made it 3 days so far. If stools are softer, you can try a little bit of canned pureed pumpkin (just plain pumpkin, not pumpkin pie mix) added to her food.

I would make sure she's not eating anything outside--as best you can.

FWIW, I do think dogs can have intolerances in puppyhood (as @kikis_retrieving_service mentioned).
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