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Need help for Grizzly

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So Grizzly is almost 2 years old now. I've written before about some minor behavior issues. But here are some new developments...

We can't keep anything on counters. Paper, food, plastic bowls, food in wrappers, you name it, he will jump on the counters as soon as we leave the kitchen and eat or chew on anything up there. This is a new thing. We've tried a spray bottle and scolding of course, and he doesn't do it when we're in there, just when we leave to watch tv. We've had to keep him kenneled every time we leave so he doesn't get into anything. We never ahd this problem before!

Scratching at the door. We have wood doors, so even though I have taught him to ring a bell on the door to go in or out, he rings it and then scratches. He knows the speak command, and will do it if I go to the door and say "speak" then let him in, but it's been 2 months and he still hasn't made the connection of speaking to be let in, instead of scratching.

Growling and snarling when he's eating. As a puppy, we always pet Grizzly, put hands in his food, had him eat out of our hands to train him to not be food aggressive. Since he's been about 1 year old, all of a sudden he growls and freezes, showing teeth whenever we bend over him or reach for his bowl. He never tries to bite us! He will try to bite our other dog if it comes too close though. I try to reprimand him by picking up the bowl, but he just starts eating as fast as he can then. It worries me for when I have children in the future that he will nip them.

I'm leaving for vet school in January, and Grizzly has to stay with my parents (who have no clue what they are doing) for my first semester there. I'm worried I'm going to come home to a terrible dog because he's been getting worse in the last 6 months. Please help!
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Thanks for the help. About the exercise...

We live on an acre of land in suburban St. Louis, with an invisible fence and a huge yard that he runs around in all day. He gets a long walk every day or every other day. I've actually had to increase his amount of food because he started losing weight from all the exercise. I had him in agility training from age 4.5 months to a year old. He's very good with commands, but the problem is he is VERY food motivated. I thought about putting him back in training, but since I'm leaving, I don't know who will keep it up while I'm gone. I'll let my parents know that I want him to go back into it. I called a trainer a few days ago, and she said it would have to be private lessons, because she doesn't know anyone who offers a class for his skill level. Those are SO expensive!
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