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Need help for 1st time dog owner

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Okay, my Murphy just turned 4 month on the 19th, and besides the loss of my sanity, I believe that I am handling this new dog thing pretty well. (and here I thought that a golden would be the easy breed of dog, a total piece of cake..........thank goodness he knows how to pull the old heart strings).
My current question relates to his teeth. I never really noticed him losing his puppy teeth, only that I saw that he didn't have a full set. I originally thought that what is coming in now were suppose to be his puppy teeth :doh:. I now understand that these are his adult teeth coming in. The problem is that, to me at least, it looks almost as if he is getting two rows in the front. I can't really tell yet, but he has a full row between his canine teeth and now I can see what looks like two teeth coming in front of a few of these. Is this something I should be concerned about or am I just ignorant to how these come in? I thought that maybe I am seeing what is actually part of a whole tooth. In other words, the full row that I see is really just the tips of what will be his front teeth, and what looks like additional teeth is actually part of a complete tooth yet to be revealed?
Have I completely confused everyone, cause I know that he sure confuses me. :confused: I'd call the vet, but at this point I can almost feel them rolling their eyes over the phone.:)
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Welcome to the forum!!

His baby teeth probably haven't all fallen out and what you are seeing are his adults coming in beside them. If they start to bother him you can have the babies pulled, but things should straighten out on their own. Get lots of chewies!!! :)
First and foremost...Welcome to the forum. Honestly I don't remember exactly how my boys adult teeth came in. I do know it is very common for the center two bottom teeth to protrude slightly from the others. As long as your pup doesn't seem too bothered by it I wouldn't be too concerned. Be sure to post some pictures.
Welcome to the forum! :) As a first time dog owner, my best advice would be...if you are concerned, ask your vet. Also, you have found a great resource here at GRF. Post some pictures when you get a chance! :)
Thanks everyone. I am going to watch him closely to see what is going on. Hopefully, everyhting is normal. I just don't know what dog teeth are suppose to look like at this stage.
Still trying to figure out how to post his photo.:confused:
there was a person just today that posted puppy teeth pictures...hhmmm now to find them! :)
Hank is just starting to loose his puppy teeth and get his adult ones. There are teeth moving, coming and going! I'm sure everything is fine and one day you'll look and see a full set of big, white adult teeth.
Okay, I just took another look at his teeth after his night time potty break. One of the teeth (left center) no longer looks like two. It is now just one larger tooth. But the other tooth still looks like there is one in front of it, and now he had a third tooth that looks like it has a second one in front of it also. I think that it is just the tips emerging and giving the appearance of two rows, but I am not completely relieved yet. If anyone could see them, it really does seem like there are two seperate rows of teeth there. (only the bottom) I should know more within a day or two.
He does still have his puppy fang teeth though. When should I expect these to go away? BTW murphy was born June 19.
thanks everyone!
Riley is 5 months old and has had several adult teeth come in behind her puppy teeth. Currently she has 3 sets of fangs! She lost one of her baby fangs yesterday. She also had all 4 front bottom adult teeth in while she still had the baby teeth. Once the babies fall out the adults move into position.
Honestly, I think you're worrying too much about this.

His puppy teeth are in the process of being pushed out by his adult teeth. There are loose teeth, out-of-place teeth, adult teeth emerging, puppy teeth going and gaps. Bloody gums and bad breath come along with this as well. It's normal.

If after all his adult teeth are in, you notice a retained puppy tooth that obviously is not going to come out, give your vet a call.
I got my firt puppy, an English Setter in June ;;;;;;;;;956 and have had many, many since. Out of all ofthem, I only ever found baby teeth of one, my Hunter (avatar) who actually "spt" those teeth at me. I have 3--one "fang" and 2 molars. They are SO tiny compared to what his adult teeth were.

Oh, at one point, he had a double row of teeth also. Very odd looking and I was beginning to think we would have to have baby teeth pulled, but they did all fall out. Hunter would be 10 now, so it was not all tht long ago--compared ot the fat I have had dogs for over 50 yers. LOL.
You all have relieved my worries. I will just leave it alone until he gets a few months older, and then reasses the situation.
Oh yeah, I finally got around to reading the instructions for uploading photos.

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