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I tried to use my phone to make a video demonstrating the noise difference between the Kool Dryer and the Metro Dryer.
Noting fancy.
Hope it works.

Couple things about the Kool Dryer I may not have mentioned that I like...
The hose is not harder plastic like the Metro and it is about a foot and a half longer than the Metro.

Never posted a link to a YT video before on GRF. Hope it works. :)

Thank you!! That's perfect!

I now understand what you mean by the Kool Dry sounding less noisy. The variable control is nice. And they both sound like vacuum cleaners and less like hair dryers, which is great, because I ran the Roomba/vacuums (and swiffered and ran the washer/dryer) almost everyday for the first 2 months Tomo was home lol.

I won't be able to get a grooming table - there's really no space - but you've convinced me to get a real dryer :grin2:

/adding everything to my pets shopping list...

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Can I just say that grooming tables are back-savers? For trimming the feet, but absolutely for drying (think 30 minutes at least).

I have old pictures on fb (don't have access where I'm working right now!) but I know I posted them here in the grooming area with the grooming table set up right in the middle of my bedroom.

Currently - the grooming table is permanently set up along the wall outside my bedroom (there's a wide open rec room outside my bedroom), but if I didn't have that space, I'd just do what I used to do and keep the table folded up and hung on a wall in our garage except for when I wanted to use it.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts