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Need advice

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I am the proud owner of a 6 month old Golden Retriever male who has more energy than we know what to do with. Kody's biggest problem is his biting. It seems all playful and attention wanting, but it is painful at times too. He is constantly biting, EVERYTHING: my furniture, but more so me! He bites every part of me, my hands, feet, legs, he even jumps up and bites my butt and arms while I'm walking. I have tried countless tips from other owners and from what trainers say, but he won't stop. I tried yelling, and I've tried positive reinforcement. Any advice. He has lost all his baby teeth, and he's even fixed!
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This is completely normal 6-month-old behavior. It's the prime of puppy adolescence. Have you taken any obedience classes? Does he get plenty of daily walks and chances to run? The best thing would be to get into some good classes with him and exercise him as often as possible. A tired pup is a good pup. Just don't yell. That is only counter productive and does absolutely nothing.
I would make sure you are giving him lots of exercise. A tired puppy is a happy puppy. Walks, do training (to work his mind) and keep him on a leash. When he goes to jump make him sit. He will learn in time. If you have not enrolled him in an obedience class, I would consider that. There is alot of information also in the puppy and training section of the forum that might help.
I understand your pain! We are going through the same thing with Lucky! We have had him 5 weeks now and I think it is getting WORSE (well in fairness he just got neutered and I think with no exercise due to stitches is causing it to get worse).

I have tried a lot! Redirecting (nope he just drops the toy and back to my arm...or worse my kids). I have tried ignoring him (nope he just does it harder to up the ante) I have tried getting up and walking away (this seems to be the worse because he will chase and then bite at my heels and feet). We just started click training and that is showing potential. I will have him come to me and "touch" and anc click and treat. Most of the time this is working with a few calls to him. BUT sometimes he will NOT stop. He gets in these weird funks where he is just going to mouth no matter what!

I just posted a question myself because my dad blew in Luckys face but directed it towards his nose. Lucky stopped immediately! The people who posted seemed to think it was not bad so after I check with the vet I may try that if we get in a bad funk!

My bf and I have noticed that Lucky typically gets in this mouthing when he needs something. Feeding time, his walk time, needs to go potty, wants to play.

Good Luck! I know it is a hard time!

PS, get a LOT of chew toys and rotate every day pr every other day! That has helped dramatically as well. Lucky gets 3 toys a day (all introduced periodically) He thinks he is getting a new toy every time!


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Chester used to bite us when playing sometimes, a time out in his crate was the only thing that would settle him down and save us from bleeding. At first we used a water bottle and sprayed him (we were first time Golden owner and did realize how much he really liked water) we have learned a lot in two years. ;-)
Agree with everyone

Agree with everyone

Give him enough things to chew on: nylabone, and other puppie approved chew toys.
I too, used the crate as a time out, not sure if it was right to do or not, but when Snobear and Gizmo kept biting my ankles when I was walking, I had to.
Seemed to do the trick.
Also, do a Google and I'm sure you'll find lots of way to deal with the puppy biting. They do outgrow it.
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