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NC-Selling 10 year old G.R. For $10-HER NAME IS ABBEY!!!!

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this is AWFUL!!!


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Ad Number: 38314

Golden retriever, female,with sweet personality. Great around smaller pets and children. NEVER aggressive. Needs a big yard to run around. She is a house dog, but has tons of energy. 10 years old but very healthy and vaccines up to date. Please help Abbey find a new great home.

Breed: Golden Retriever PureBred
Age: 10 Years
Sex: Female
Primary Color: Gold
Advertiser: Owner
Price: $10.00
Estimated Shipping $: Pick-up Only
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info on this user
Name: josette
City: huntersville
State > County: North Carolina > Mecklenburg
Country: United States
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Ugh! I sent the poster the contact info for NC Golden Rescue groups.


Thanks so much. Can't keep up with all the dogs that need help!
Ugh! What are people thinking. Thanks for helping this beautiful girl!
I might get banned if I type what I am thinking...........

Thanks so much. Can't keep up with all the dogs that need help!
You're welcome, and you are so right!
IDIOTS How can people do this to a family member? I'd sure hate to get old in that family.
I have no idea how to check when the ad was originally posted, but in regards to it, the following came from one of our coordinators this morning in response to my email to her about it...

>>We actually got this dog about a year and a half ago -- I know because her owner's name was Josette, and that's not exactly a common name. Abbey was adopted and I believe she died fairly recently. At any rate, this is NOT a current listing, so I have no idea why it is posted again. Josette lived in the neighborhood right next to mine, and I am the one who got Abbey from her.<<
Merlin's Mom

Merlin's Mom

Thanks so much for playing Columbo and very sorry to hear that Abbey passed away.
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