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Here is her flyer! SEND IT AROUND!!! Save the jpg one and share it with anyone you know who can help.


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Thanks for posting!!!
Roxie is so sweet. I hope he is found soon and returned safely!
Little update

Little Update

Thank you all for sharing your suggestions on how to find Roxie.
I've been relaying them all to Veronica and Louise and Dennis Gallagher.

I spoke to Veronica a few minutes ago:

Roxie got lose when she was playing with SAM a Six Year old Treeing Walker Coonhound at the Camp Ground. They chased one another into the woods Sam returned but Roxie did not.

The phone number associated with Roxie's Microchip is her parents Cell PHone, thank heavens!
Yes, the shelters have been checked.
They have done a radio spot on Roxie and are trying to find someone on TV that can get Roxie out there.
TOnight at 5 PM, a German Shep tracking dog will work the entire campground trying to find Roxie, so please SAY BIG PRAYERS that Roxie is found unharmed and can be returned to her loving parents!!!
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Good, those are great steps!!! She may be hurt, or her harness caught in something! The tracking dog is a great idea.
Saying big prayers

Please say PRAYERS with me that the German Shep Tracking dog FINDS Roxie safe and sound and she is returned to the loving arms of her parents.
I sent the flyer to my BIL who lives near there and asked him to forward it to anyone who might see her.
fingers crossed and prayers being said.
I hope she is found soon! Prayers for her and her family!

I'm praying they find her tonight safe.

No word yet.
Oh Roxie, send us a sign!

Don't laugh me off the forum- but have they considered an animal communicator? I am a skeptic but I have heard of dogs found this way.
From Veronica-Loyal, GSD, Tracked Roxie last night.

The tracker who came to the park tonight found that Roxie has been
circling (walking about 5 miles daily), making left turns, has found
a water source, has stuck to the trails and walked the power lines.
She believes Roxie is in the park or on the perimeter. She also
believes the tracks are fresh. She explained that in 3 days a dog,
to include Roxie, will revert to a feral state and hide, etc. She
believes Roxie is hiding. Please pray that we can intercept her,
that she will not be on the roads (the perimeter) and get hit. WE
ARE ENCOURAGED. The dog tracking Roxie, "Loyal", had the greatest
number of recoveries nationwide last year. He is a 6-year-old German
Shepherd. The tracker is very hopeful.

Please forward this e-mail to as many as you can. We need as much
help as possible communicating online while we're on the trails and
canvassing neighborhoods. For any of you who have contacted groups
or posted Roxie, if you would please write and share once again who
they are, I will make a comprehensive list and share it with Darlene
and Larry. There at the campsite they do not have access to the
computer or these e-mails. They are working very hard, barely
resting, to find Roxie and feeling the strong emotions each one of us
would feel if this were our dog.

Thank you for everything,

[email protected]
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Another Update from Veronica

Another update from Veronica

Another update


ANOTHER update from Veronica:

Loyal will be back tomorrow at 11:00 in the morning. Yes, daytimes are viable. Please keep praying. I've received more info from the tracker this morning, still good, about her whereabouts. I'm rushing out back to the camp but will update you. Please e-mail me again if you've not heard from me. THANK YOU FOR KEEPING OUR GOLDEN FRIENDS UP TO DATE. (My own Golden, Sam, is 12!)Many thanks,

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Oh I am hopeful!!!
Keep the prayers and good vibes coming!

please keep the PRAYERS AND GOOD VIBES, coming!
I hope for the good to happen soon :)
Come on Roxie your parent truly miss you! Feeling hopeful too!
Oh Roxie, send us a sign!

Don't laugh me off the forum- but have they considered an animal communicator? I am a skeptic but I have heard of dogs found this way.
If it were my dog I'd do anything skeptic or not.

I know that Loyal, the GSD Tracker dog, will be looking for Roxie again tomorrow at 11:00 AM so we NEED BIG PRAYERS AND GOOD wishes for Roxie to be found safe and sound!!
From Veronica at 10:59 Last night

From Veronica at 10:59 last night.

Today we broadened our search south to Buford, SC. We're continuing
to canvas outside areas and search throughout Cane Creek Park. A
lady who saw our new flyer at a small store called to say she saw
Roxie and has seen her several times behind her house in a soy bean
field, etc. Although we could not confirm the sighting, we had two
other individuals in the same area also say that they saw Roxie or
saw a Golden that could be her. All of the sightings are unconfirmed.

Amazingly, these dirt roads, although far from the camp the way we
would typically drive, back up to Cane Creek and are approximately 3
miles from the park. We will work through these areas again
tomorrow early in hopes of spotting her. Additionally, if Roxie is
circling and making left hand turns as the tracker stated, this could
easily be the direction she moves toward. The tracker's last
information to us revealed that Roxie has slept under canoes in the
day park area of the park. Again, if she's turning left, the "pieces
of the puzzle" may be fitting together.

Larry and Darlene remain committed and encouraged. They're learning
how to help bring Roxie to them once she's spotted if she has
reverted to more feral behavior. We're all ready with bait and slip
leads, happy friend dog(s) and Roxie's toys!

We hope to e-mail very good news soon.

Many thanks again,

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