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Nc-lost-11 mo. Old golden ret. Girl!!!!!!

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THESE PEOPLE are from FL and were vacationing in NC.
Please contact them by phone and email Dennis Gallagher and Marg Barnes if you find her!!!!!
They lost Roxie, their rescued Golden Ret.!!

[email protected]

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From: Dennis Gallagher <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 7:21 PM
Subject: Lost Golden Retriever - Waxhaw, NC - $200 reward!

Dear Friends,

Please Cross Post far and wide to get this baby back to safety. These people have lost their sweetheart and want it back. I am sure they are heartbroken. I certainly would be.

See info below:

Contact is: Darlene and Larry ASAP @ 904-708-3351 or 704 843 7982.

From: marglbarnes [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Sunday, November 01, 2009 11:53 PM
To: Animal Adoption League
Subject: Lost Golden Retriever - Waxhaw, NC - $200 reward!

Please crosspost, Thanks. Waxhaw is near Charlotte, NC. Melanie

CONTACT: call Darlene and Larry ASAP @ 904-708-3351 or 704 843 7982.

Sent: Sun, November 1, 2009 1:04:48 PM

Please cross post far and wide! A couple visiting from Florida is missing are missing their rescue Golden, an 11 month old female "Roxie".
Roxie pulled out of

her collar and took off in the Cane Creek Park area of Waxhaw NC. She is a petite(44 pound) Golden Retriever, very friendly, and was wearing a teal colored

harness. The collar with tag was pulled off but She IS MICROCHIPPED.
Her owners are devastated and need your help

A $200 reward is being offered. Please, if you see a dog matching this description, please call Darlene and Larry ASAP @ 904-708-3351 or 704 843 7982.

Thank you!


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I hope they find her.

Roxie's parents, Darlene and Larry, who are heartsick are staying in NC for another week trying desperately to find her.

Their phone number is above and there is another lady trying to help relay emails to them [email protected]
So please send emails to Dennis Gallagher [email protected] and her.


Please help us find this little girl!!!



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Roxie's parents

Roxie's parents are visiting from florida and lost her in nc!!
They will stay one more week in nc, until they find her!!
If I was up there I'd help. I'll send the info to my parents, but I don't think they live in the same area that she was lost.
Please send to your parents

please send to your parents and ask them to send to all they know.
My Heart goes out to Darlene and Larry. I just heard they are not going back to FL, until they FIND ROXIE!!!!
I am assuming they have checked all vets within 50 mile radius or more, posted on Craigslist, lost dog classifieds, and visited all shelters IN PERSON? Signs, posters... is there wilderness near there? I know it's not mountainous in the Charlotte area, so the risk of her having fallen or become injured is not as great. Did she run scared? or just take off with joy? Was she freaking out when she pulled her collar? has a humane trap been set?
They should also find out who does road side clean up- horrible thought- but they need to contact that department of the city and county and find out if any deceased golden retrievers were picked up along the road.

I really hope with all my heart that they find her- alive and well. If she is running scared she won't go to anyone, though. She'll have to be corralled or trapped.

Oh one more thing. Have there been any sightings?
I passed it on. Hope they find her. Did they post on Craigslist? Gonna go check.
I hope this poor girl is found. We went thru the same thing two months ago on vacation in tennessee. I know what they are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with them. Come on Roxie , your mommy and daddy are waiting for you.
I crossposted to friends here in NC that do rescue, they know more people and have lots of contacts.
Contact local, county and state police in the area. These guys are always on the road and pretty much see everything.
Apparently they have posted flyers for her up to 20 miles away at shopping centers, etc. and animal control has been notified. Also, according someone in our rescue she is micro-chipped so this is good! Keeping fingers crossed that someone finds her.

No, no sightings that I know of.

Roxie is on Petfinder, Craigslist and FidoFinder.

Riddle: Did you ever find your dog?

I can just FEEL how horrible the parents feel. I would be FRANTIC!!
They need to GO to every shelter and LOOK at the dogs. They need to call every vet. They need to be proactive. They need to get it on several radio stations, or even the TV (since they are staying there and it's a rescue, someone might run it!)

I wish them the best!

Everyone: thank you for your suggestions. I am emlg. them to Louise Gallagher and to Veronica Kelso who are trying to help them find Roxie.
here is a Flyer they made up
[email protected]

Here I was still a baby, adopted from
the Humane Society in Jacksonville, Florida.
Here I’m growing;
I’m about 6 months old
with my puppy coat!
Here I am at 9 months old.
Most of my puppy coat is lost
and my legs are tall and thin.
See my long, thin legs!
I’m wearing my teal harness
with the blue dolphin pattern.
I was wearing it when I was lost.
I’m 11 months old and I weigh 44 lbs.
Hello, I’m Roxie.
I was lost
in Cane Creek Park in Waxhaw, NC Oct. 27.
I’m still lost and my family needs your
help to find me.
When they do, we’ll
go home to Florida.
Please call if you can
904 708 3351
704 843 7982
Remember, there’s no such
thing as “just a dog”.


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Little Update

Little Update
Thank you all for sharing your suggestions on how to find Roxie.
I've been relaying them all to Veronica and Louise and Dennis Gallagher.

I spoke to Veronica a few minutes ago:

Roxie got lose when she was playing with SAM a Six Year old Treeing Walker Coonhound at the Camp Ground. They chased one another into the woods Sam returned but Roxie did not.

The phone number associated with Roxie's Microchip is her parents Cell PHone, thank heavens!
Yes, the shelters have been checked.
They have done a radio spot on Roxie and are trying to find someone on TV that can get Roxie out there.
TOnight at 5 PM, a German Shep tracking dog will work the entire campground trying to find Roxie, so please SAY BIG PRAYERS that Roxie is found unharmed and can be returned to her loving parents!!!
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