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NC Beaut. Golden Ret. at Rutherford in NC!!!!!!

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NC-beaut. GOlden Ret. at Rutherford in NC!!!!

Rutherford County Animal Control

578 Laurel Hill Drive
Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Voice: (828) 287-6025 Fax: (828) 287-6420

This animal record may be found here
This DOG - ID#A011099

. I am a male, brown Golden Retriever mix.

The shelter staff think I am about 2 years old.

I have been at the shelter since Oct 22, 2009.

This information is less than 1 hour old.
For more information about this animal, call:
Rutherford County Animal Control at (828) 287-6025

Ask for information about animal ID number A011099

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Most recent upload was: 10/23/2009 8:26:15 AM Pacific Time
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I sound like a broken record.:uhoh:

I can't have him, but I live about 1 hour from Rutherfordton and would help with a pull and/or transport.

I'm not sure what my vet bills will be this week:doh:, so might need help with the adoption fee this time around.
Awwww, I am full. When Crystal goes, I'll take someone, but not until then.
Coppers Mom and Jenna

Teresa and Jenna

You don't sound like broken records and thanks so very much for offering help.
Well, copper is going to the specialist Tuesday to find out what is going on with this lump on his chest.

There goes my hidden stash so I will still help with transport and pulling, but will have to have someone else pay the adoption fee.

does no one want this pretty boy?
Wish I could! If there is any odd chance at all of needing transport out this way I would be happy to help!

Thanks, Luckypup!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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