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Pretty cool story about the Navy's first Golden Retriever.

(WSVN) - The newest four-legged member of the United States Navy is a good boy.
Bud, the military branch’s only golden retriever, lives and works at Naval Station Norfolk near Richmond, Virginia.
Scouted last year, he is one of the newest dogs on base but he’s already proving to be one of the best.
“He’s the only golden retriever in the Navy,” Bud’s trainer Dustin Tyler said. “Believe it or not, he is young and he’s a different dog, but he’s one of the best dogs we have in our kennel.”
“His temperament’s a lot different, so I’ve had to adjust from what I’m used to with the other breeds, like German shepherd,” Bud’s handler Officer Brian Gardill added. “I think he has a happier demeanor.”
Bud works hard, focusing on detection and safety, but he also plays hard.
His favorite toy is a tennis ball.
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