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On wood floors?

In the past three weeks... as long as we've had Max... there have been more pee accidents in my house than ALL of the potty-training months with Mojo combined.

I take them out ALL THE TIME. ALL. THE. TIME.

At least once an hour. Usually two or three times each HOUR.

And they BOTH do it. Usually an excitement thing, I think.

I thought about a UTI... but both of them? And it's just been since Max has been here. And it's not just her! They take equal parts in peeing.


Is this stuff just not working on wood? Nature's Miracle? Wood? No? Yes? :confused:

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I've used it on our wood floors. Our old cat, Morris, used to pee on the floor because he was sick. I used Natures Miracle and it worked. I used it years ago after raising a litter of kittens, too.
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