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My little lamb chop!

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Poor Tilly went to the groomers a few days ago and has come back looking like a little sheep. I usually have my wonderful friend trim her who I trust implicitly (and who wins grooming competitions with her scissor hands!!) but unfortunately she is busy opening a business so wasn't available...I took a chance on a new groomer and thought I had explained myself pretty well but I nearly cried when I saw her...her tail is SO short and the trimming is so untidy. It just reinforced how much skill my friend has with those scissors!
Here are just some silly pics taken this evening!

Im still pretty cute...even with my new doo, yeah?

I beg your pardon...who looks like a sheep?

Stop sobbing mum, it'll grow back!

I'll just get Harry...he was laughing at me earlier

Pretty girly!

RUDEY-RUDEY!! (sorry, had to catch this on camera...she very subtly sniffs his winkle when the moment takes her)

I know, I know...Im a hussy!

Oh my gawd...please do not tell me you posted that picture to all my golden friends...the shame!:doh:

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Secret's out Mom. Don't worry, it will grow back ( the fur I mean lol).
Love the pictures, the captions are even better!
She's still beautiful and all of that hair grows back, fast!
Tilly is still gorgeous!! We enjoyed the pictures. Hope the fur grows back quickly. Tell Tilly Minnie had a huge hotspot on the side of her face and the vet shaved the side of her head. At least her ear covers some of it.
Tilly's beautiful, long or short hair!
She's so pretty! It's nice to see her face again!
HA! Loved the sniffing the winkle pic! Too funny!! She's beautiful...even if Mommy doesn't like the new do.
she is still beautiful. You need to post sniffing picture in unfaltering session.Very funny.
oooh, she looks fine! In fact, she now looks a bit like the Pudden :)
Aw I think she still looks lovely :) (although definitely a little bit Hussy-like haha!)
Those are some great pictures of Tilly and great captions. Even though she was cut like a sheep she is still beautiful.

Tilly just makes me smile. She is beautiful still:)!!
Tils, you look just lovely. Tell Mum not to worry, your long locks will grow back, but I'll bet you won't be visiting that groomer again:)
Every girl needs a new do now and then. I think she is quite lovely, and as a matter of fact, she looks quite pleased with her new look. What did Harry get?
Awwww Tilly, you are as beautiful as ever...short or long hair!:smooch: It will grow back quickly Mom! :)
I probably said it before but... OMG! She has the sweetest most adorable eyes and face :D I love Tilly so much! And don't worry about her hair! She's still pretty!
lol, funny captions! What breed is Harry?
aww.......Tilly looks as pretty as ever, bet Harry went nuts for her when she came home ??
Tilly is still adorable, even with her haircut!
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