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My Handsome Bamabear

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My sister in law took this picture of Bama this weekend that I just love. He was raring to go fetch the tennis ball.

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Very nice picture, it's good to see that handsome boy!
That's a great shot of him. He's just gorgeous.
You can tell he was just raring to go. Looks like he was about ready to burst. :)
I love him. I TRIED to steal him last year, but Carol wouldn't let me. She's soooo mean!
Hooch would be beaming.
Wow, what a handsome boy!
Great picture !! Nothing like a good old tennis ball to capture a good picture.... :)
What a gorgeous shot of Bama!!!
That is a gorgeous shot! Thanks for sharing!
Great picture!.
I love Bama + he always,makes me think of HOOCH who we,all,terribly!.
Beautiful pic of a handsome boy
Great pic! What a handsome boy, looks happy!
Bama looks so handsome in that pic!! I love his colour and his face is beautiful! Can I borrow him for a bit? :D
he's such a handsome boy, and that beautiful lush coat...:)
That is a great picture of Bama. He looks like he is ready to launch. That Hooch sure knew how to put together a nice looking pup.
What a great picture of a very handsome guy!! Lookin good Bama!!!!
geez that's a great photo! He's sure handsome!
What a beautiful boy. That is a really great picture of him. He's quite a looker.
He is so beautiful!!
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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