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Couple of pics of my 3 grandkids. The one is of 12 year old Zack with his first duck. I told how he been "hunting" with his dad since he was about 6, always wanting to carry a bag of decoys and sert thme out (Ron always let him a bag with the teal decoys as they are much smaller than the others). This year two days before Youth Weekend, we bought him his first shotgun, a 20 ga. I figured it would take several trips before he ever hit a duck, but he got this one on his very first shot. Has done great ever since, including Saturday when he got 4.

The girls are 8 yer old Maddie and 10 yer old Beki, Zack's sister. Maddie spends the night here every Friday night, and sometimes also on Saturday depending on if her dad has to work evetns at the aquarium or not (he has custody of her) and even tho she has pjs when she comes, she always wants to wear this striped shirt of mine...calls it her "night shirt." On this particular day, Beki had come around to play with Maddie and I had asked her to stay the night also. She was not expecting to stay so no clothes. So, I dug out this gown of mine. They were out on the extended patio "dancing in the rain" (light sprinkl;e) when I took this pictures.


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