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My golden has diarrhea..HELP!

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My golden is just over 4.5 months old. He has been doing great and haven't had any issues with him until now. On Friday, he had a mess in is kennel and it was full blown diarrhea. I know we caught it within an hour or so of it happening. I just chalked it up to being food related (since my mother fed him his breakfast and I didn't mix his food). Yesterday, he was passing gas a lot and still had the runs. I decided to mix in Olewo carrots to combat the diarrhea. Today, he had one stool that was pretty solid ( mid afternoon) and since than it was runny( but not like it was yesterday!...very small amounts)

His behavior has not changed. He's very happy go lucky and doesn't seem to be showing any signs of sickness.

The only thing I can think of at this time would be our morning walk on Friday. It was dark outside and had him on the leash. I did not notice him getting into i'm wondering what could the cause be?

I'm looking for some advice!!!!!!!! Please help!
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Whenever my dogs have an upset stomach, I cook up some rice in chicken broth. I withhold the next feeding after the incident, and then I start feeding a tablespoon an hour. I always check for dehydration, especially in a pup, and I make sure their color is O.K. As long as they are not dehydrated, I keep the diet bland for a couple of days, and then I start adding their dog food back in.
I'd contact your vet if it keeps up. They can give you something to help plus the rice and chicken/or hamburger works great. I've had to do that with Gunner a couple of times.
So what amount of rice and hamburger should I feed him per meal? When his stool goes back to I have to wean him back onto his regular food?
I bought regular rice not instant so I cooked 1 cup of rice and boiled 1 lb. of hamburger and poured off the grease. I gave him more rice than hamburger. Give him about has much food as you usually give him in his dish. I started adding some of his kibble into it after a few days when his stool was more firm and continued to add to it till he was back to all kibble.
I start feeding a tablespoon an hour and as long as he isn't throwing up or having diarrhea you can increase the amount gradually. I don't use the hamburg but I do occasionally cook up some chicken. I would wean him gradually back to his regular food
Does it matter what kind of rice? Brown or white?
I don't think so, both are pretty bland.
My other concern is that he is just a puppy. Wouldn't this throw his whole system off? Feeding his system something he's not used too? He's never eaten anything but his kibble...just a thought..
I also give my dog whote meat chicken with rice. I have given both white and brown. I would call the vet tomorrow if hes still having the diarrhea.
It shouldn't throw his system off. I have used this on pups as young as 8 weeks with my vets approval.
That will help to settle his stomach and system. If it does continue for the next day then I would get him to the vet because it could be something like guardia or coccidia both which can happen when they are a puppy. Good luck!!
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