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My daughter's new Vizsla puppy....Gemma!

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She is such a sweetheart! I fell in love. She is an 8 week old female. :)


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She's adorable! I love the one where they are just looking at each other.
Thanks y'all!! I am in LOVE!! Wish my daughter lived at home still. Looks like I have to make alot of trips to visit her at college...thank goodness she is only 45 minutes away ;)
Very cute! Love her name too. Do you mind if I copy her pic and show a friend who used to breed Vizsla's? I know she'd love to see Gemma and get a Vizsla fix. :)
Paula..YES!! You can copy the picture to show your friend!! Im a proud "Grandma" :D
I think she is sooo cute!! Shes sucha good puppy too.. so far;)
She's adorable! I love the one where they are just looking at each other.
me too - so cute!
What a cutie pie! Love those long legs and ears!
She's adorable! Congrats to your daughter :)

I hope you will be keeping us posted as she grows!
Very cute!!! I love their squishy faces!! :)
Aha... the long awaited baby has arrived. She has a beautiful little face.

Oh what a cutie! There is one in Town who I have gotten to know and she is a doll...I know you Grandma will enjoy watching her grow up...keep the pictures coming, I'll enjoy watching too! :)
What a little beauty! I've never seen a Vizsla before. Very very cute, and she looks soooooo soft and silky.
She is adorable! Tell your daughter congratulations on her new addition! I LOVE (like the others) the one of your daughter and Gemma looking at each other.
OMG... #3 is soooo ADORABLE!!
Very sweet! Congrats to Kim and Gemma.
Amy, My friend and Breeder Carol loved the pics of Gemma and asked who the Breeder is. She thought she might know them. She said Gemma looks like a perfect little Vizsla! Carol no longer breeds but does still have Vizslas at home.
1 - 20 of 68 Posts
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