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My Brady - Almost three

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Just some updated pictures of Brady. He will be three in November.


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Look at that coat!! He's gorgeous!
WOW !!!!! He's stunning!!!!
Brady is a very handsome boy!
Your Brady and the girls look so happy in that last picture!
Brady is just so handsome. That coat is amazing. It looks like he is taking great care of his girls too.

Brady is just gorgeous!

What a coat!!!

ohh,he is so handsome!!!
Beautiful as ever!!!! Folks, he such a pleasure to be around.
Wow - what a handsome golden!! Great name too! :)
stunning!!!!!! :)
What a handsome boy!
Wow, he is so handsome and his coat is stunning!
Wow!!! He sure is beautiful :smooch: in a manly way, of course. I even like the fact that your daughter can sit there with that drink in her hand and Brady isn't trying to steal it....LOL!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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