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My Boys Pawley and Bama

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Just a couple of pictures of the boys. Pawley wouldnt stand still so I had to get his on the sly. Only got one real good picture of Bama.


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Great looking boys. That Bama has such an expressive face.
Beautiful boys! Like your patio furniture too. :)
Bama has that white snout just like Jules does! Love that boy!

And that Pawly, he is certainly a handsome one himself!!!! He looks like he has those lighter eyes! I LOVE that!
Your boys are beautiful and such sweethearts. So was dear Beau boy also. : )
you have such a wonderful bunch at your house
Your boys are so handsome. Their coats are beautiful.


I love THEM BOTH!! So glad Bama and Pawley are a team!!
The boys looks great!
Very handsome, happy looking boys!
Your boys are looking mighty handsome! :) Great pics, I just can't get over the beautiful colouring in Pawley's coat.
They are gorgeous boys Carol!
Carol, those two look great! Didn't you say Pawley was named after Pawley's Island? I used to vacation there as a very young child, so I've got a soft spot for your newest family member:)
Yes he is named after the island. One of the foster moms had just got back from a vacation there and named him after there.
I just Love your boy's Carol! Great pictures of two very Handsome guys! :)
That pack is lookin' great! Your boys are so sweet.
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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