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My boy Rambo getting FHO surgery Nov 24th

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I have read many opinions on the FHO surgery. I have read a couple threads on here about recovering Goldens that had FHO as well. I guess I am really wanting to know what to expect with this surgery. My vet has done many & is very sure my almost 2 year old golden mix (altho i'm not sure he is mixed) will do great with the surgery.

Here's a bit of background info:
At the end of last August Rambo & his brother Rocky (3 yr old Lab/Chow/Everything mix) were running up a hill at my mom n dad's, I heard a pop yet thought maybe Rambo had just ran into something. He limped for a bit, but I thought he just tweeked his leg. Well it started to get worse. He started whining when trying to get comfortable at night, etc. I ended up taking him to get xrays and his right hip was barely in the socket. Even tho he had not hurt the left, it wasn't much better. My vet and I discussed the different routes we could take. He was just under a year old so we decided to give him glucosamine shots and see how he did. I took him off of the shots at the end of January because at 1st they seemed to work, but in January it seemed to take the pain away for a week or so then he'd be back 2 his whining stages. I think they were taking the pain away & giving a false sense of him feeling better so he'd wanna go wild n crazy when he tried to play. And honestly trying to get an 80 lb pup to sit still is hard! So throughout the summer his arthritis wasn't bad due to it being much warmer. He had actually been doing very well altho u can still tell he does "bunny hop" instead of run along w other hip dysplasia symptoms. Last night he was playing with our other dogs and I heard a yelp. I ran toward the living room and he was actually coming down the hall to find mommy. He was limping and dragging that back foot more than I'd seen in a while. I decided I was going to make that surgery appointment so momma could make it all better. :)

He is scheduled to have the surgery Tuesday November 24th. I wanted to have some time off with him so my 4 day Thanksgiving weekend will be perfect!! Please throw out some tips, stories, & opinions on FHO. It will be greatly appreciated!!!!! My boyfriend and I have 2 other dogs (plus the girl we live with has an AmStaff pup). We will definitely hafta keep Rambo separated from the 2 pups. Of them all, Rambo is Momma's boy. He is attached to me like crazy so I'm extremely nervous about putting my baby through the surgery although I know it will be worth it in the end!! Just FYI, he is about 80 lbs, but not overweight whatsoever. He is just a big boy. I will try to upload a pic on here sometime. Thanks in advance for all the comments!
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Sorry to take so long in getting back, but we are just getting internet at the house today. Rambo seems to be doing very well. The vet said his surgery went very well. He said there was a lot of scar tissue in the joint so I'm glad I finally got the surgery for him. He is putting more pressure on the hip more and more each day. When he gets in a hurry, he wants to hop on 3 legs, but I'm sure that will pass with him getting use to it. He takes an anti-biotic twice a day and I give him his pain pill at night. He has plenty of pills to get him through a few weeks. Plus he has some leftover from the ones I had just in case he had a bad day before the surgery. He will be getting his stitches removed Saturday morning. He has yelped a few times when trying to get comfortable, but not much. We did the towel thing when I brought him home last Tuesday night. That was a sight to roommate and I trying to get an 80 lb golden out of the back of my car. He was still doped up from the vet and didn't wanna move plus he wasn't sure how to. We finally got him out after 25 or 30 minutes in the cold! I have been making him do his own little PT at home...I hold his other leg up so it makes him put weight on that hip. It doesn't hurt him one bit when we do that. We don't do it for very long, but just enough to show him he can use it and it's ok to put weight on it.

Thank you all for your responses!! Rambo is on the road to recovery and so far he seems to be doing GREAT!!! I will keep ya posted on how he is doing!! And thanks again!
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