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My 7 month old has become such a bad eater now that I have to make gourmet meals for him. It is so stressful. He has not touched kibble since he was a few weeks old. He used to eat fresh home cooked meats with rice, oats and vegetables but has stopped that too now. He hates to eat from his bowl, he wants to eat human food. he eats mud. His energy levels are unbelievable 馃槄(thank goodness). Please help!!

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A healthy dog will not starve themselves. Sounds like he is being picky...and you have reinforced his behavior by feeding him "better" food when he turns his nose up at the food you provided. I am not sure what brands of kibble you have available where you live, but I would buy a medium sized bag of quality kibble (purina pro plan is my recommendation if you have it) and put down 2 cups for him in his bowl. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes. If he doesn't touch it after the timer is up...take it away and do not give him any until dinner time. Repeat this method at dinner time. If he does not touch it again, after the timer, take it away. It may take a few days of him NOT eating...but that's fine. A healthy dog can go several days without eating. When I say healthy dogs won't starve themselves, I mean that he WILL eat if he is hungry. You could mix in cooked hamburger meat or boiled chicken with the kibble to start with to wean him onto the kibble.

I am not an expert, but this to me sounds like a dog who has been unintentionally taught that "if I don't eat this kibble = I get better people food." Stop giving him people food. It is not good for them. He could be eating mud because he is lacking or deficient in some sort of mineral that he is getting from eating the mud...though golden retriever puppies have a tendency to eat dirt...sticks...etc because they explore the world with their mouths. Quality kibble has ALL of the necessary vitamins, minerals, protein, etc that dogs need to thrive.

Hang in there, and be tough. My boy was a picky eater too but we stuck to our guns, found a quality kibble that he likes and have had no other issues. Good luck!
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