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I have 2 cats 1 female about a year old and a male that is around 7 months old. The female lets Jakey bite her really hard and she cries and just jumps back on the counters or her cat tree. She is really good and never wacks Jake nor hisses. She lets him do everything to her. When Jake is out of sight Rara will look for him to make sure he is okay.

On the other hand, my male has never been the agressive kind but a very scared cat at new environments, but he loves to play with our neighbors cat and never been afraid of him. With Jake however on Friday when we brought Jake home, Littles stayed on his cat tree all day and never came back. when i tried to introduce jake he would just hiss. Now Littles has gotten better and comes down and smells Jake. However if jake gets too close he will wack him and run off to jump high. Sometimes he wacks jake very roughly where Jake cries. We have only had Jake for 5 days now but Im afraid littles will always wack at him or play too rough ? Littles will sometimes lay next to Jake when hes asleep but sometimes he will run up to him wack him too hard and aggresively and run off. i dont know if this means he is trying to play with him or if he is aggresive. Both our cats fight very aggresively with each other but never fighting its always playing.

Any one had a similar problem ? I'm afraid Littles will never get used to our puppy and I can only keep them together under supervision ?

In the picture below the white and black cat in the front is our female Rara, and the black tuxedo cat in the back is littles.


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