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Muzzle at night/while at work?

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I hate to even play with this idea but I really don't see any other way. The room Max stays in at night is not heated and to heat it by a heater is a. unsafe for him and b. super expensive. This will become a problem as it gets colder and colder.
The 2 days he had reign of my kitchen and his back room while I was at work, he chewed up the corner of my cubboard and a wooden chair. He finds things at night to chew to amuse himself if he is let to sleep outside of his room.
I trust him not to have accidents in the house so it's just his mouth that gets him into trouble. I was thinking about getting a muzzle to put on him at night so he can have free reign of downstairs or sleep in my bedroom and for when I am at work so he can be in the warm parts of the house. I just don't know what else to do - and I'm hoping it's not an inhumane idea. I don't think the muzzle was created to be worn overnight? Any thoughts?
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and the website says I need more words in my post
Yup. Definitely crate.
I second the motion. Muzzles were not created to stop chewing and should never be used without supervision. IMO
I'm in Pennsylvania too, it does get really cold here in the winter. But Daisy is quite content to be in the coldest part of the house. I think she would be happy if we didn't have heat at all!

Would he chew up a dog bed? I'm thinking if you added some warm materials, he would probably be quite comfortable even without heat.

Amazes me. I don't know how these dogs can take the cold we have here. Daisy doesn't really start to notice until it's below 0.
I vote crate too
Time to work on crate training...I learned the hard way too. I thought my adorable, super mellow foster would be fine baby-gated in the bathroom; well he tore down & chewed up the blinds, shredded the bath mat, chomped on the toilet bowl brush, opened the cabinet under the sink & gutted it & chewed the corner off of the counter (laminate, he carved into the wood). I'm lucky he wasn't injured. Keep in mind he had 15 toys in the room with him (Nylabones, stuffed animals) that he didn't touch. That was my wake up call regarding the crate & wouldn't you know it, he LOVED the crate. I have had plenty of fosters who went through a painful to hear adjustment while getting used to the crate, but they all adapted & lived to tell about it. It's not easy for everyone, but it's for the safety of the pup.
Why isn't he crated? I would be afraid to use a muzzle without supervision. What if he would vomit?
Why isn't he crated? I would be afraid to use a muzzle without supervision. What if he would vomit?
Several years ago, a dog was brought into our clinic who'd been muzzled over night. He'd ripped several toes to shreds, badly injured an eye, and tore the skin off his nose attempting to rip off the muzzle (A leather basket muzzle.)
I also vote Crate. Safe for him and your house. A muzzle should never be used when you are not closely supervising the dog.
and the website says I need more words in my post
and how about some TRAINING?
Crate crate crate crate crate crate crate!

Lucky also thrives in the cold. In winter I have to finally force him in. He loves to curl up like a sled dog in the snow, in a little ball and nap.

How cold is that room? Surely its not below freezing?
I 16th the crate idea. I would not want to use a muzzle without any supervision, and like another poster above said, maybe he will like the cold part of the house?! They have all that coat for a reason!
Crate with lots of toys to chew on... How 'bout a kong? he will be so distracted pulling the treats out of it he won't notice he's crated!
Another crate vote.

Also, what kind of chew toys does he have access to? He sounds like a pretty strong chewer. Ever consider getting him an antler? These things last forever and I know many dogs love them and will chew for long periods of time and then nap. I like the kong idea as well (just don't plug the small hole when you fill it).

I always leave music on when Ziggy is alone. I crated him at night and when I was away until he was about 9 months old. He always had something to play and chew on. He's now just 13 months old and I can leave him alone overnight with free reign of the house while I go to work. I think I've been very lucky that he hasn't destroyed anything, but right from the get-go I tried to establish what is his to chew and what is not.

Please, please don't muzzle. That would be a serious safety issue.

Good Luck!
Max's Mom

Hi haven't been posting lately. Max sounds a lot like Joy. We actually "surrendered" our kitchen to Joy for the first six months. I mean we removed our tables and chairs and ate our meals in the living room. After successfully teaching her what she "can chew" we have just "reclaimed our ground". Joy stays in her Crate when we are working busily out of the home and when she is not crated she is "gated in the Kitchen area".

The price for not chewing our furniture is the LOUD sound the Knuckle bone makes hitting the hardwood floor.

Trust me Max will not mind the Crate after a short while.

We didn't crate train as we have been home with him the past 3 months and I never crated my first puppy and had no problems. I'm not sure how Max would take to a crate at nearly 6 months, I'm pretty sure he would so not be on board. I would worry hurtng himself trying to get out and plus, I just don't have the 100 or more dollars to purchase one.
As for Teller, Max overall is pretty well trained when I'm in the house/awake. It's not a training issue. He is not some bored and neglected puppy who is acting out because I'm a terrible absent owner. When he does get into things he shouldn't, I am on it right away and tell him no, he stops and doesn't return to the activity.
As for the cold, the room gets pretty much as cold as the outside is. I've had water freeze back there. I know he's a dog, but he's my baby too, just as Willow is, and I don't want my doggy's to have to feel too cold and miserable for hours.
Max has a chew bone, which was MIA for the 2 days he was in the kitchen. I was thinking, well, maybe if I had this with him he would behave but then I'm risking more serious damage to wooden things in my house. Not sure where to get an antler? They definitely don't have them here.

I've never used a muzzle on Willow or on any other dog, I just thought maybe something like that could be used to keep Max and my house safe. Crate - can't afford - need different options. Extra chewie stuff - I can do but I'm risking another peice of furniture. There is no way I'm assuming to train him not to misbehave when I'm not home. Le sigh.
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