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I have tried all the OTC treatments(massage, hot/cold, aleve, rest) for the muscle spasms and pain I've been having in my back again. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow and it finally got bad enough for me to go the the doc this morning.

I filled the prescriptions, came home and took them and was knocked out for 2 hours. I called work a while ago and she said you sound better......
Well, honestly folks I sound drugged to the gills. The muscle relaxer is one I've had before and it doesn't generally make me dopey, but the pain med is......

Tramadol.:D I can't take codeine or condeine derivatives so this was the other option. I told the doctor I had some experience with it but I sure didn't tell him my experience was with Copper taking it since he might not have understood the significance of that.;) I see now why Copper staggered when he took it and ended up only getting it when he was going to bed. I think I will be "going to bed" regardless of when I take it.:curtain:

Now they just need to schedule my PT so I can get back to getting some chores done! I am woefully behind with these 3 weeks wasted. It has been dreary the last few days so the dogs have enjoyed lying around, but we are all getting a bit stir crazy. At least I think that is the meaning of the noise I hear downstairs, but I'd better go check.:doh:
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