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More Suggestions on Naming Golden Puppy

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I seem to making a career of naming my 13 week old puppy and trying to decide between "Murphy", "Cooper", "Harley", and "Carson", but I am still open to suggestions. I wanted to go with "Noah", but its too close to the "No" correction word and thought it might be confusing for him. Here's a pic of my beautiful puppy. His dad's name is "Moses" so I was thinking of biblical name, but can't come up with the right fit there either so I thought I would reach out to the forum community one more time. He's going to be an 85-90 pounder when its all said and done. Thanks! Tomfoolery


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He looks like a Carson to me.
Seems fine to me. By the way, what do you call him when you want something done from him now?
Inge - I just call him "puppy" for now, but I don't like doing that and won't for much longer.
moose for a big boy.
Well, lets think biblical....

Caleb means "dog" in hebrew...
Ethan means"solid, endearing".....
Felix means "lucky"...
Levi means "attached....

I can go on for days....hehe.:)
Oh Caleb is cute if you want something biblical. Or Samson.
Oh I definitely like Caleb as the others suggested. I also like Cooper.

Good Luck he is a beauty.
Ive been trying to come up with masculine lighthouse derived names. If I had a male like I had planned on he would be "Rhett". Then I thought about just nautical names for goldens. Schooner kinda hits a heartstring for me.
If you're sticking with the Biblical theme, I like Levi.
I'm pretty fond of Caleb. ;) I also like Levi. Esau (pronounced ee-saw) is another good biblical name. It means "hairy".
We had Murphy, Cooper and Harley as possibles, so I think they're all good names! We've ended up going for Newton (Newt for short).
Moose is a good name, I'm partial to it. I want to name our next dog Argo but the wife wants to name it Cari, short for Caribou. That way we would have a Moose and Caribou.
I think "Aaron" was the name of Mose's brother.
With that tuft of hair that is showing in the picture, he kind of looks like a Kramer :)
Another good biblical name is Asher. It means happiness.
How 'bout Moses' brother Aaron or his right hand man Joshua? Joshie is cute!
I had a Samson, so am partial to it also.
My Ike is Isaac, so partial to this name too. :)

sorry cubbysan....I missed you mention of Aaron.

OK, just reread your post. He's gonna be a bigin', so Samson or Joshua would be good names for a large dog. If you watch the Ten Commandments again, Josua's not just muscular, he's a hunk! :)
I vote for Cooper! But they are all great names. Good luck naming your adorable puppy!
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