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More Questions.....

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So Cooper has been sleeping in our room since about 4 months old...on the floor.....or at least that's how it started. He now can leap up on our bed no problem and does this multiple times during the night (it's like he knows when we're finally asleep). So how do I train him to stay on the floor or at least know he has to be invited? If he didn't hold down the covers, scratch, lick and move the whole bed I wouldn't care but he's only going to get bigger as he's only 7 months old right now.

Also, how long does the adolescent stage last? It seems like he has reverted in his behavior. He is chewing EVERYTHING again. I bought him a nice plush blanket for on top of his bed at night, he chewed a whole in the blanket and then chewed a huge hole in his bed! He's getting up again at 5 in the morning and he had gotten to a point where he was sleeping (on the floor) until he heard my alarm at 6, then would come over. He also used to fall asleep at night between 9:15 and 9:30 and now he stays up the entire evening before bed with constant wanting to play. Constant! He wants to chew, play fetch, etc. This is all after he's been on a 30 minute full on run. My hubby takes him to an open field by our house and lets him run. I guess he goes at top speed the whole time.

I'm frustrated!!!
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To answer the second part of your question, he doesn't sound like he has changed anything in regards to getting up and going to bed. But we turned the clocks back almost two weeks ago and sometimes it takes them time to adjust. Heck, it takes me time to adjust! I am still waking up an hour early.

As for not sleeping on the bed, I would suggest crating him at night if he won't stay off the bed. You can work on the "off" command and every time he gets up, you tell him "off". You may have to assist him off the bed the first few times, but I am sure he will learn what that words means pretty quickly. I don't mind my dogs sleeping in bed with me, but my husband doesn't like it. So they go to bed with me and then get down when he comes to bed. And he wonders why they love me more! LOL
I agree with crating at night. It's really the only way to ensure that your pup won't get into things that he's not supposed to or sleep in places where you don't want him sleeping. We always crated Tucker at night until he was about 10 or 11 months old, which is when we felt that he was more reliable and trustworthy. We still used a baby gate so that he only had access to the hallway and or bedroom.

At 7 months old, he is in the peak of his adolesence. He will test you in just about every way that he can. It's time to double up on the training and not ease up. It should start to get better in a month or two. I would also hold off on buying him any kind of bedding until he get a little older and is out of the chewing craze.
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