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So 3 weeks ago I finally got a 2nd golden retriever! He arrived at 13 weeks (he flew 8 hours to get to me from Australia to Singapore, and was in the plane for a total of 12 hours!!!)

He is currently 17 weeks tomorrow and I LOVE having him in my life. i now have a 3 dog household and they get along great. my 2 year old Chihuahua Charlie is his best friend. Lily my older golden girl is turning 5 in December and she plays with him very well too.

i've forgotten what it is like having a golden puppy after so long, and i'm so thankful this forum prepared me for the land shark phase all over again as lily was the easiest pup. i'm with Monty most of the day as i work from home, so he's been very easy to train and manage. he is almost 44lbs (20kg), and has put on SO MUCH weight since he arrived- he was 28lbs (13kg) at 13 weeks. going through a growth spurt.

Here are some pictures!!! we are @lily.charlie.monty on instagram




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Nothing like having pups....I had three Goldens over the last seven years. Last year we lost two of our dogs to cancer. They were 20 months apart, both were over 11 years. It was a hard year! But 3 weeks ago we picked up our new Golden Retriever, 'Shooter' he is a kick in the behind for sure! We are probably going to stick with just two dogs, as we are now 70 and our energy levels are a bit slower than they were 10 year ago.
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