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Mom's Sick Day

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I stayed home sick from work today, and Bogey decided to keep me company.

Picture #1 - "Mom! Why are you home from work today? Can we play?"

Picture #2 - "What? You're too sick to play? I'll make you better quick! Puppy kisses are the best medicine."

Picture #3 - "Well, if we can't play, can we at least nap?? Maybe resting will help you. You be the big spoon, I'll be the little spoon. Good thing Dad's not here - no room on the couch for him!"


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Awww, I hope you feel better soon! Bogey is a good nurse!
It sure looks like Bogey kept your spirits up. Hope your boss isn't on the forum too or he/she would be accusing you of taking a golden mental health day. ;)
oooooooooooh.....yoo look so sick! :)
oooh....your baby looks so depressed cuz you are so sick! :)
dis is da buddy

kan yoo teesh mi momee da bee sickie likda yer momee??

fank yoo

dis is da buddy
I'm sure you will feel better soon with your sweet Bogey watching over you! :D
Bogey is a great nurse in spooner. Hope you feel better soon. They always seem to know when we need alittle extra loving to make us feel better.
The bond between you and Bogey is awesome, and certainly the best medicine!!!!!!!!

Hope you feel better soon!
Awww I can't see a better way to get better :)
I'm super sick too, probably won't be going into work tomorrow at this rate... So I'll be the big spoon tomorrow too!
hope you're feeling better today, but Bogey says to stay home another day!
Aren't our doggies the best spooners? That's exactly how Lacey spoons!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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