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I am a few days late, but last week, we finally reached that important milestone: 12 months since Shala's last chemo treatment with no regrowth of the tumour. It means the chance of regrowth is now WAY down. It means the chemo, which was so hard on my poor girl, worked. It did what it was supposed to do. It is such a huge relief. We all know this breed is prone to cancer, but it is still always a shock when it happens, and I think, especially when it comes in the single-digit ages (Shala was only a little over 8 years old when I found the little lump).

But here she is today! 9-1/2 years old, healthy and happy (still looking as serious as ever! lol). But trust me, she enjoyed this way-too-early snow as much as I enjoyed watching her run and roll in it today. I love this girl so much. 🧡

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This calls for a celebration for sure. What a gorgeous photo. It makes me SO happy that you and Shala have been a success story. It seems we get so few. I can't think of a pair who is more deserving of extra time together. She is my kind of girl. Enjoy your holidays.
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