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How many of you have done it and roughly what was the cost? Would you recommend it? Thanks for any input!
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I am curious about it too!
Yes .... I would recommed it, I guess for peace of mind. Chester has chip and we had it done when he was neutered. I looked at his vet records and it was 30 dollars. Our Murphy will also get a chip when he gets neutered after the 1st of the year.
Molson has it and he had it done while still at the breeder's, so I'm not sure of the cost. I would recommend it as I have never heard of any complications from it, only good things.
Do they have to be neutered/spayed to get the chip?
Do they have to be neutered/spayed to get the chip?
No, some people prefer to have there animals chipped while they are under.

I had both my cat and Brady done during their physicals. Neither one acted like they felt it. My charge was $50 each.
I don't remember the price. I had Sierra microchipped at her first vet visit.
Both of our dogs are chipped. We had Tucker's done last year at our first vet visit with him and I think it was around 40-50 dollars. They don't have to be altered to get microchipped. Both of our dogs were very young puppies when they got theirs.
I had montana micro-chipped, snipped and tattoo'd all at the same time when he was under. He was 6 months old, but really do not remember the cost.
Timber came to us microchipped but we had Ryder done ourselves.
The vet did it during one of his checkups - he didn't even flinch.
It probably bothered me much more than it bothered him :)
Ronin has one and so does Gilmour. It was like $50-$60 each.
Mira has an AVID microchip which cost $66. She needed it to have her prelims done for OFA... Barley does not have a microchip. I have gone back and forth on getting him one. I have heard lots of stories about them migrating, not scanning, etc...
Yes yes yes yes!!!!!!

You can usually find discount microchipping at Rescue Events and they can also point you to one as well. The yearly charge is around $15 per chip and is SOOOOOOOOOO worth the money. Most vets and shelters have the new readers which can read any of the various brands of chips. Please, chip your dog!!!!!
My BassettX has one. it was $40 with Homegain. It costs $15 a year to keep it updated and that provides insurance for any injuries sustained while they are lost. You don't have to renew - your info is supposed to be maintained regardless but they will notify all local shelters and vet offices for you.

I know from experience that that is hard to do while you are upset about them being gone.

Copper does not have one, but I should get him one.

It provides ID if they lose their tags so is worth it to me for the peace of mind.

They don't have to be under. I asked that Jack's be done while he was under for neutering, but I believe they forgot and did it right before I picked him up since his neck was et.
It's $10 at my county animal control, and I would NEVER not do it!!! All my dogs and fosters are chipped immediately.
Hank was chipped at his first vet visit. That was $45.00 then I think $14.99 to register with Home Again.
I just had Flirt done. She didn't even flinch (I did). I also had my Bridge girl Maggie chipped when I first got her.

Check your local shelters, some do it for a reduced fee. I think I paid about $60 at the vet's office.
Our vet charges $45 for the AVID microchip, then you must register it with the company for a one time fee. REMEMBER to register it. When I worked at a humane society throughout highschool and college, there were numerous times that owners would eventually come to pick up their pet and say "Well he's microchipped- Why didn't you call me?" The answer was: "We called AVID. They had a record that the chip was theirs but the owner never registered it."

My cat has the 24 Hour Pet Watch Microchip. It was already implanted when we adopted her. It does not have a yearly registration fee which I like.
Please get your animals micro-chipped. There isn't really any reason NOT to! :)
Yep all of our are chipped. 2 dogs and 2 cats. We will always have it done. Don't see a reason to not have it done. My boys (dogs) were not done when they were under - again they didn't flinch but I sure did !
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