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Mia's getting spayed tomorrow...

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... for real this time (we had scheduled her before at 6 months but then changed our minds about timing and decided to wait until after her first heat).

I'm so nervous... :(
We're dropping her off at the vet tomorrow morning and she's scheduled for the spay tomorrow. They're keeping her overnight after the spay, so we'll only see her the next day (Thursday). I'll miss my baby.

Hope it all goes well and that she leaves her stitches alone! :crossfing
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I'm sure she'll be just fine; give her extra hugs. My Alli, now at The Bridge, was spayed when she was 5 years old after I retired her from showing. She did just fine, I don't remember her gnawing at the stitches at all.

Alli was not much of a "fighter," so I was always afraid how she would do faced having to recover from a major operation. Although she always had a big appetite, she didn't eat hardly at all after she was spayed, which kinda surprised me. Her stomach emptied so much that she threw up bile. I called the vet in a panic and she told me to entice her however I could--boil plain chicken and feed her that, for example.

I'm not much of a cook, but I was able to get her to eat by going to the local supermarket and I bought a cooked chicken and fed her the skinless breast. So that's my advice to you--monitor Mia's appetite after the surgery and if you see that she's not eating, make sure she still gets some nourishment until she is ready for her kibble. Alli ate the chicken for about a day, and then had a combination of kibble and chicken for another day, and then had the kibble the day after that and all was well.
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Mia will be just fine! :) I hope she has a quick recovery and snaps back to her normal self again soon! (but not too soon that the stitches don't get to heal)
Thank you for the words of encouragement. I always worry about things... and often it's for nothing. :eek:
Prayers for her to get thru the surgery fine and get home to be spoiled by Mom.
I'm sure Mia will be fine - try not to keep looking at the clock because you will think that time has stood still. Your hardest part is to come - trying to stop her bouncing around and zooming whilst she has stitches in. Hugs on their way to you both
I'm sure this will go fine. Keep us posted.
We will keep Mia in our prayers. Hope the surgery goes well. Please let us know how she is doing.

Just a quick update. The vet called us around noon to tell us that the spay was done and it all went well. They did the bloodwork before and it was all fine. We took advantage of things to get Mia microchipped as well.

We're picking our baby up tomorrow afternoon. They wanted to keep her under observation tonight... :confused:

Another thing she said on the phone was that she found a bunch of red dots on Mia's tummy and it was a skin infection. So she'll be on meds for that. We didn't even notice... I feel like a bad mom :(

I wonder if this is related in any way to her biting off her fur and if it's just another symptom of that...? I hope it makes it go away. :crossfing

Can't wait to see my baby. I'll be posting some pics of her back at home tomorrow.
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I knew it would go well and you will be so happy to get her home and Mia will be so happy, too!!1
Glad to hear that everything went well for Mia today! :D Don't feel bad about the spots, it doesn't sound too serious so what matters now is that it's under control :) Where was she biting off her fur? Molson has been chewing the fur on his paws on and off for afew weeks, and I have an appointment on Friday to find out what it is. I imagine some kind of allergy or something.
Mia, hoping you have a quick recovery, and please be a good calm little girl for your mommy and daddy for a while ok?

I think it's a good thing when the vet keeps their charges overnight for observation, it would make me feel alot better. Don't worry about the infection, I'm not always vigilant about things either, I've just been lucky so far. The vet caught it, and now you got a 2 for 1 out of the deal ;) Sounds like you have an observant vet there.
Where was she biting off her fur?
She's been biting her fur in random places and sometimes she doesn't do it for days... since May! She's been on Prednisone but it didn't help... the vet wants us to try another food but we've had such a hard time finding a food that her tummy agreed with that we'd prefer waiting until winter to see if it's a seasonal thing.
She's home!

Mia's finally home! We picked her up a half hour ago. She was soooooo excited to see us, she made such weird noises at the vet when she saw us. It was funny!

She's been wining on and off every few minutes since we got home... I feel bad... I guess she's in pain?

They gave us pain meds that we give Mia twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening).

It makes me sad to see her like this... :(
Yay she's home!!! I can only imagine it's killing you to see her in pain, but the good news is she will be all better in just a few days :)

Her fur biting sounds a lot like Molson's. I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow to see if they can see anything, and I'm going to switch him over to an Adult food next week so I'm hoping to see some improvement on the new food, and if not I guess we'll be like you and waiting to see if it's a seasonal thing!
Glad that she is home and doing ok.
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