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MI Golden Girl

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I checked the GRRoM site and do not see her there yet BUT I have a friend who adopted a young golden last June. She is ADORABLE, the people who had her were older and found out they could not handle the energy of a puppy. I believe the pup now about 6 months old. She is so cute. I needed to put something here in case SOMEONE is looking for a young rescue.

I could not put her down when I met her in June. She is smart, sweet, friendly, and looked like a nice golden. Her name when I met her was "Cracker" after the owners former golden. She is NOT crazy. She was swimming the weekend I met her. Just a nice dog. Had to post. I can get you more information "possibly" if you want any.

My friend is re-homing her. I think something has happened in his life. He posted he won't be at dock events for awhile, and is selling his pop up and re-homing Cracker. I hope it is nothing serious. He is not a close friend, so I feel like I can't ask. May be a victim of the economy. He has SEVERAL other dogs all older so he may have to 'reduce his stock'.
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Cracker is just adorable.
Thank you for trying to help her.
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