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I would recommend looking elsewhere when buying a Golden Retriever. We purchased a female from them in May of 2016 along with several others. Two months ago, we found out that our little girl has Masticatory MuscleMyositis (MMM) and will be on prednisone for life.

While researching, this I found out that another family also has received the same diagnosis for a female they purchased at the same time –different female; same male. This family did reach out to Mervar Kennels and they were told that although this is a genetic disease the root cause is most likely the environment not the male dog. This is interesting given this is the second golden this family has, the first also coming from Mervar Kennels, and she has no issues.

I post this because when confronted with this information Mervar Kennels says they are still breeding with this male, anyone considering buying a dog from this kennel should know that there is a risk of having thisdisease.

It is very sad that this breeder puts making money over the breeds health.
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