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mental challenges

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Hello there all :)
first a lil bragging, and then some questions.

after a great time downtown, it is time for me (owner) to sit down and do some schoolwork. but today, was a real treat for me and tino. Those of you who has read abit, knows that me and tino has had alot of trouble,, but today, we had a really really fun day. I forgot that it is the norway hchampionship in soccer/football today, and it was just tons of ppl in the streets. Lil tino did such a good job guiding inbetween people, trying to find his way as best as he could, so i am really really proud of him! this was also the first time my assistant saw him working as a guide dog, and she said he was very good at spotting places he coud walk and such. it gave me alot, and she was god at telling me so i could give praise and some treats when i found that good too.
He ended up beeing so tired, he didndt find his way to the pet store alone, all he wanted to do, was go back home and get some rest. :)

now, enough about this day. here comes a couple of questions;
now, during my reading and writing period, much of the training sessions with tino becomes a lil .. eh slow?
I am finding it hard to give him as much attention as i should. i noticeh e becoems restless sometimes. I wonder, what kind of mental challenges would you guys recomend?
we are working abit on fetcing things, wich is really cool. he has started to enjoy that. but what kind of thigns could i do so he could be kept mentally challenged alone, by himself?

any advice would be cool. :) I have given im a treatball, but he doesnt really enjoy them .. he finds it hard to get hte treats out, and lol so do i hehehehe

- Ranveig -
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Ran are you looking for mental games for him to do at home or while he is on the job in public?

Talk to your advisor, but I would not suggest food or toy games in public. Other people's dogs can be very rude. I would hate to see Tino be focused on his food or toys and trying to keep them safely away from other rude dogs rather then focusing on his duties with you.
Part of a guide dogs life is learning to be patient. He will get there Im sure.

At home, off duty...I think food puzzles are great.
Having him stay and hide treats or even his dinner, in the room then release him to find them...crunchy treats that you can hear when he chews would be fun so you can praise him up when he find them.
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