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Meet Hurley; Bump above eye

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Hello everyone,

I'd like to start by saying I've followed a lot of your threads over the last 5 months and it has helped me immensely in raising Hurley, so thanks to everyone for that. Hurley has just turned 7 months and is growing and maturing faster than I could have ever imagined. I take him fishing often; he loves being on the boat and has finally started to enjoy swimming and being in the water. I have recently noticed over the last couple weeks a small cyst like bump that has grown above his left eye. I was curious to see if anyone has seen this before. It looks like a small fluid filled cyst but since it is so close to his eye I want to err on the side of caution and not mess with it to much. I have applied Neosporin to it since I first recognized it but it doesn't seem to be going down much. I attached a couple pictures of Hurley to introduce him to everyone and the one picture is of the bump. Any input on what you might think it is or if it warrants a vet trip would be appreciated.


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I agree, I'd have your Vet take a look at it, you just never know. It could be something minor or it could be something more serious. Not worth the risk IMO not to have it looked at.

Welcome to you and Hurley, he's a handsome boy.

Looking forward to an update about him.
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