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Maxie after a bath!

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We used our new Earthbath Mango Tango tonight, and ohmahgawwwd it smells so good.

Here's a couple pictures and videos of Maxie girl.

I see that treat, ma...

This isn't a great angle, MOM.

Thanks again for flashing me, mom... I really appreciate it.

Did you get a good one of my snow nose?

Ma, did you know there's a cookie in your mouth? I'll get it for you, if you'd like...

Here are the videos of Maxie:

Of course, I had to get a couple of Mojo after he was brushed:

Get my good side, ma.

This is my "bashful bride" pose.

A video of Mojo leaving it.
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I love how crimpy their ears get when they're wet!
The fur looks so fluffy after bath!
Is this their treats of passing the test earlier? :p:
Awww what a pretty girl Max is!! I love her crimpy ear hair.. that's how Sam's get too!!
They are just so beautiful from grooming. Love the crinkly ears on her. Mine have crinkly ears too.
They are both so beautiful, and they listen so well! I can't wait for Murphy to get to that point! You're doing a great job.
You have to love clean puppers....I must try this shampoo sounds like is smell yummy!
They're both beautiful! Loved the little videos! :D I was at the petstore the other day and was about to buy this shampoo... Maybe I will.
Cute, cute, CUTE!

I always have wondered why their ears do taht--we love that look at our house.
as soon as i saw the picture i thought of the crimpy hair...sophie gets it too, and it cracks me up! i love it. that shampoo sounds like it smells nice...we use one that has a coconut scent and it reminds me of the beach whenever we use it...oh boy, winter hasn't even started yet and i'm dreaming of the beach! :)
Hehe, Maxie looks so disheveled. This was before we dried or brushed her out... she wasn't happy (until I brought the treats out.) LOL.

I LOOOOVE the crimpy ears too! When Mojo had his baby fluff his whole body would crimp like that! I'm so happy his and Maxie's ears still do.

The Mango Tango is awesome. In the bottle at first I thought it smelled kinda weird, but after diluting it and bathing them it smelled a LOT better. I love putting my nose into their fur and taking a big whiff.
I went to the petstore yesterday and bought a bottle of Mango Tango! :D Can't wait to give Molly a bath now! :p: I showed her the bottle and said '' You're ready to take a bath ?! To smell like mango tango?!'' She tilt her head and her butt started to wiggle! :D
Awwww! That's so cute! We can't even SAY the word bath without them going nuts, busting through the bathroom door and jumping into the tub. LOL. It was the first word we've had to spell out.

Did you read the directions? They are pretty funny. After you give her a bath you guys are supposed to tango. :D It's fun to tango when they have the zoomies. I think it makes them go even MORE nuts. LOL.
LOL! Yes I read them! Made me smile! Molly loves her baths to!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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