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Max VRS Carpet Shampooer (double post - aTtEnTiOn nEeDiNg)

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I posted this a while ago on the main forum too but no one has commented!! So I just had to post it here too!! Please watch until the end - as Max gets over his fear - kind of - and it's so cute to watch.

Soooo to lead up to this video, my friend and I rented a rug shampooer. While I was shampooing, I had Max and Willow lounging on the deck. After the carpet dries a bit, I let them in and they both rush to the living room. Then I hear Max bark. Now, that is surprising because Max as a normal rule, does not bark. Heck, I can't even teach him speak!!

Please use Youtube link to view Max and the steam cleaner. Too funny!! Ah, that boy can make me laugh!!
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Great Video. He is a cutie
Oh gosh, that is so funny! Bailey plays with the vacuum cleaner and jumps at it. I have to put her away when I clean the carpets with the carpet cleaner. I hate it when the pets, kids, husband walks all over the wet carpet. :p
I'm with Max! I hate rug shampooers too! Must be a male thing. :p:
hehehe, yeah, I thought this was great!! I love how his happy tail is always going throughout the episode and that he is so devoted he scurries past the shampooer to get to me! Aww, puppy love!!

PS. Thanks for the comments!! I'm going to bed now, hoping that there will be more tomorrow! Have a great night all.
He is so funny. Hard to believe he is so grown up now. Bama used to be the same way too but now just stays out of the way.
I hate the growing up part but he's been so endearing at every age. I wonder though, what was going through his puppy dog head throughout this video. He doesn't seem afraid of it as his tail is wagging - maybe he was thinking - Ooh, look, it's there!! See!! Look!! Look at it!! It is there!! Ooh, look!! Mommy do you see it? Do you? Oh mommy, look!!

I think of Dug from Up when I put a voice to Max. :D
That was tooooooo cute!!!!!! He SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO did not want to go past that evil monster huh? LOL!!!!!
I'm sure glad you posted that twice or I wouldn't have seen it. Max had me in stitches! My gosh he's a cutey. He's a brave one to at least approach this "monster".

Lucky was like that the other day when we went out for a twilight walk and he saw our lawn chairs stacked up. Oh gosh these Goldens are adorable.
Thanks for watching (and being amused by) Max's video!! :D

Lucky's mom, ha, just like Max!! Things that are new freak them out. I remember once on a walk we were walking past a metal US Mail drop off bin. Max must have not noticed it until he was right next to it - he sees it - jumps back 2 feet and tries to run far away. They are too cute!
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