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Mastiff Retriever ...

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Plz come home T ... if you can ...
I miss the games we used to play ...
I've been fetching those sticks all by myself lately
It was a lot more fun just stealing them from you
Until we meet again,
Forever your friend Miss T

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I'm sure Miss T does miss her companion as much as you do.
This breaks my heart :(
I'm so sorry. I think of all of you every day.
That just makes me cry. I know that Miss T is really missing her Mr T. Hopefully he will come home soon.
I was hoping this was going to be good news.

If it helps, my friend lost her cat 3 1/2 months ago. The dog officer called up last week to say they found him. It was because of the signs they posted that he was returned.
If wishing could just make it so. I'm so sad about this, so sorry :(
Oh Sylvia..... I'm so sorry. This breaks my heart too. Know that many good thoughts are coming your way for Mr T to find his way back to you.
I am so sorry.....I know you miss him
So sorry Sylvia, I now you both miss him very much!
I've still got everything crossed that Mr. T makes his way home safely and soon.
I'm so sorry Mr. T went missing. I hope and pray he comes home.
Your other retriever is quite the looker, but I'm sure she is lonely too. Hugs and good wishes to you both.
The not knowing is the worst, I just cannot imagine. I wish I could fix this for you, you surely do not deserve this heartache.
I'm so sorry about Mr. T still missing... I'm sure that Miss T really misses him too.
Hopefully we'll see a good news post from you on here soon.
This is one of the saddest dog experience I've ever heard of- and I am so heartbroken for Miss T and for you! You're in my thoughts constantly, and my heart aches for what you are going through- so, so, sorry.
I am so sorry Mr. T has not found his way home. Praying for his safe return. Please give Miss T a big hug from us.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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