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Make signature picture larger?

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I see that some have large signature pictures but mine keeps coming up small. Is there a way to make it larger?
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Check out the thread Karen519 started yesterday. It has to do with making a new signature. You can find instructions there and a nice graphic Ambesi posted in one of the links.
Thanks Kimm!
For those who are still having this problem, here is what worked for me (plus a test post to see if it actually works...)

I couldn't get a large picture to show up using the actual "Signature Picture" functions (URL or upload) on the "edit your signature" page, but if you have the photo on a photo service or another website, you can just enter the URL using the "Insert Image" function in the text/msg edit box itself, and that made mine showed up the correct size (despite being the same URL I tried in the signature pic URL function). Good luck.
I don't use the Signature function either. The only time I use the "signature" function is if I want to link my Scrapblog photo album to a photo.
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