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Magic's 10 birthday party in Wales

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We celebrated Magic's 10th birthday by taking the dogs down the beaches in Wales. On Saturday we visited Rhossili Bay. It was a spectacular beach and a beautiful day.

We also met up with Mist and Welshgold on Sunday but the pictures that day were not good. Very drizzly and overcast. The dogs didn't mind though. We had 10 beautiful goldens frolicking in the surf.

Here are some pictures of my beautiful 10 year old and her crazy sister on Saturday and a few from Sundays meetup.


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Happy Birthday Magic !! loved the all the pics
Sounds like the perfect day for a golden (and you!).

I was lucky enough to visit Wales in 1981, beautiful country.
Happy birthday to Magic, she looks great for her age!! And that must have been some sight watching 10 goldens frolicking in the surf together!! Glad you had a nice holiday:)
lovely photos
what a birthday treat to visit the sea side and be surrounded by friends who all look like you
she does look good for her age doesnt she
Happy 10th birthday Magic. Loved the video of the 10 Goldens playing on the beach. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate.
Happy Birthday Magic, you are an adorable lady hugs, think ollie was a bit smitten <3
Happy Birthday Magic !! Loved the pics with all the goldens in it !
Happy Birthday Magic!!!! Looks like a great way to spend your birthday, friends, water and beach.
Happy birthday, Magic! Looooove the pictures. She looks so happy!
Happy birthday Magic what a lovely way to spend your birthday nice and wet like goldens should be :)
That looks like the best birthday in the world! Love the pictures! Happy Birthday Magic!
I am so glad Magic had such a wonderful 10th birthday! Birthday hugs from me and slobbery kisses from Selka and Gunner. : )
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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