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Mad and her side kick

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I was taking a few pictures of Mad and her neighbourhood puppy friend Snow, and thought these were cute.


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awww they are cute...they are like shadows.....or mirror images
Those are adorable!! Your Mad sure is a cutie!
Those are some very busy noses there. I think they are on the scent.
They are so cute. Seems like they are on a mission.
They are so cute together and really got the scent of something.
Awwww, what cute buddies!!!
Smelling in tandem. Must of been a good scent too.
Awww they are so cute together, they look like best buddies :)
What great pictures. Looks like they are having some fun!
so cute. I thought mirror image as well.
LOL those pics are funny!!
awwww bless
syncranised sniffing lol
You aren't kidding that they are Synchronized!!!
I don't think you could have planned that :) They are good!!!
Great Pics!!!
Thanks for the comments. I couldn't have captured the synchronized sniffing if I'd planned it. Actually I was barely paying attention when taking the photos and more focussed on keeping an eye out on the two pups on loose leashes and the two young girls from Snows family that were out with him.

Mad and Snow are best buddies. It must have been great scent, cause normally these two play non-stop.
Such cute pictures! Love how they're doing the same thing in each pic.
I get it! I get it! They're playing "Simon Says"... or "Mad says"?
Okay... where did you go to teach them synchronized sniffing?

Very sweet pics :) Thank you for sharing!!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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