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Lyirc second show - first time pointing

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Hi all, Lyric went to her second show recently and came home pointed! She still has some growing up to do but here are a couple shots from in the ring and after. Thanks for letting me share!


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Congrats! :) She is a beautie!
Congratulations!!! She is beautiful.
congratulations! how exciting! you must be very proud.
Congratulations! she is very pretty and that is quite an accomplishment for just her second show.
Hearty Congrats!!!
That is very exciting! Sounds like she's off to a great start! :)
Thnaks everyone, it's always fun showing and fun when you get rewarded too!!!
Congratulations Girls!
Well, you already know I love her!!!!

Congratulations- well done pup and owner too!
Thanks again, and ACC she says you have to say it with dog treats lol
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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