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Lucy has been found!!!!!!

Hi, thank you so much, I am so upset I don't even know where to begin. I have been searching the neighborhoods all day, she is posted now on, I'm making up signs now. I just posted on Craigslist, and will post again tomorrow, thank you so much for the other websites, I will check them out now.

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 5:31 PM, Karen M. Van Swearingen <[email protected]> wrote:



Please be sure you look on FidoFinder in Lost Dogs and post her info and your info and Lucy's pic on there in Lost Dogs

and check in Found Dogs.

Also, look on Craigslist for your area. also has a Lost Dog Section.

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-- On Tue, 9/22/09, Roads of Hope <[email protected]> wrote:

Photos Attached

Lucy is a VERY Scared and Timid Flat Coat Retriever she was just transported from Raleigh, NC to Frederick, MD Last Night (Sept 21) and is being Temp fostered by Lisa. Lisa was at work today and told her dog walker NOT to take Lucy out, but she didn't listen and let Lucy out and Lucy Bolted. She has on a Blue Martingale Collar and a red leash dragging with her

If your in the area and can help find Lucy call Lisa ASAP her and her husband and dog walker are out there now looking. Lisa's info is below. As soon as I get photos I'll send those out and updates too.

Call Lisa if you can help
Name: Lisa Morabito
City/State/Province: Sykesville MD 21784
Phone (H): 410-795-3631
Phone (C): 410-913-6051
Email (non myspace) [email protected]

Founder Roads of Hope
Animal Rescue Transport
National Transport Coordinator
Austin, TX


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Apparently Lucy came back but as soon as the neighbors opened their door she ran off again!
She is terrified of people.
Anyway, her Foster Mom Lisa borrowed a crate from a rescue and is setting it up w/foold.
I emld. all of the Flat Coat Ret. people in FL, GA and they in turn sent out to all FCR people near Sykesville, MD.
PLEASE pray hard that the humane trap works and Lucy will be hope Safe and Sound.
Please send Lisa's info and Lucy's to anyone you might know in MD

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Prayers answered-lucy has been found


I'm happy to report Lucy has been found!!! Two volunteers from the Mid Atlantic German Shepherd rescue came at 11:15 last night after I spotted Lucy out front and set up a large trap. I checked it at 4am and it was still intact but by 6am she was in it! Lucy is now safe and sound in my house and the dog walker will NOT be coming while we have her! Thank you all so much for your help, it means a lot to me to and I know Lucy appreciates it as well :)

Thank you again,

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