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After losing my Malinois after 12 years: Looking for a Golden with a great temperment and hopefully good health, So many for sale in and around Va. with prices all over the place, in talking with different breeders getting mixed results on health questions I ask and really some unusual responses.
At 63 years old and having been a dog follower for years-Finding a golden is really becoming a challenge.
Am I making this a science project unnessarily?
My wife and I went to the AKC show in Va Beach 11/1 and saw some great dogs with reaaly sweet temperments.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated

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Definitely make it a science project. So many people breed Goldens that the majority of places to get one aren't doing a great job of breeding carefully.

It's worth the wait, the effort, and the price to get a Golden from a careful breeder who does all the clearances and competes with their dogs.
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