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My family and I are looking to adopt a golden puppy later this year. This will not be an impulse purchase for us. We are willing to wait as long as necessary to get a puppy from a reputable breeder. Our biggest concern is temperament. We have two young boys (ages 2 and 5), the youngest of whom is deaf. We are looking for a dog with a calmer disposition (while still maintaining that typical golden playfulness).

I grew up with a wonderful Meadowpond golden. He is the dog against which I measure all others. I do not believe that Cherie Berger of Meadowpond is still breeding, but I could be wrong.

I'm looking for recommendations for breeders in Michigan or Ohio. Does anyone have any information on Clinton Oaks? I believe that Gina of Clinton Oaks co-owns a dog with Cherie Berger. What other breeders should we be considering?

I will also be reaching out to the Fort Detroit Golden Retriever Club puppy referral.

Thank you!

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Try using the search feature at the top of the page, there have been some great threads on this subject and you can pull them up by entering the topic "reputable breeder Michigan" etc. Even older threads are helpful because you want a breeder who has been around and has a track record and reputation for nice dogs and health clearances.

Lots of people still wish that Cherie Berger and Meadowpond dogs were still active, such a wonderful part of Golden history in the U.S. You can probably find them in pedigrees of dogs in your area pretty easily.

Also try asking for referrals from breeders who have a good reputation, they can help give you leads on litters from people they think highly of. Start with Malagold. Best of luck with your search, you're wise to be working on this well in advance.

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Cherie doesn't have any girlies anymore, but she has a stud (and probably frozen) that are used...

As well, there are people who co-bred with Cherie in the past who might have litters.

Talk to people at Marshbanks + talk to Cherie Berger. She's a very nice person and is very active at Sportsmens in Warren.

There's a 2-3 other people who teach or train at Sportsmens who have studs who have Meadowpond lines behind them. Renee, Linda B, and Linda D.

In Michigan - Fort Detroit covers a lot of ground, but you have people at Marshbanks who have breeder members through the Ann Arbor/Flint/Lansing areas. Mid-Michigan as well covers Flint/Saginaw/Midland etc.

Gina @ Clinton Oaks took on a lot of the old Halltree goldens when Halltree's breeder retired. And Halltree used to co-breed with Meadowpond a lot.

There are other breeders locally who have similar dogs to what you may be looking for... or who produce nice stable dogs and are really good conscientious breeders.

With Meadowpond lines - you got more active dogs recently. Because these were dogs bred to work. One of my friends has a 12 or 13 year old boy who back in his heyday when he still competing regularly in obedience and agility, was a big ball of energy. But he was also very nice looking and a big blond boy.

By going towards some of the more conformation breeders right now, you are getting away from some of that boundless energy... but you still are getting a dog does need training time. A lot of goldens are that way. :)

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Both of mine came from MI. They do go back to Meadowpond, Halltree, and Heron Creek lines. They are from the Lansing area. Eberly Goldens and my mom is the breeder.

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Here is a list of MW Breeders, it includes MI and Ohio breeders.

Here is a thread about MI Breeders-

If you use the Forum Search feature, threads will come up you can read through.

Also contact your local GR Club puppy referral-

Fort Detroit Golden Retriever Club – Detroit MI 48201
Marshbanks Golden Retriever Club of S Cen. MI – Ann Arbor MI 48103
Mid-Michigan Golden Retriever Club – Midland MI 48640

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We have a Golden puppy with a fabulous temperament....she is VERY patient with our young grandchildren! She is also very quick to catch on and she's smart. I contacted Carol Ruby, the puppy referral person at Fort Detroit Golden Retriever Club, and she was extremely helpful with my search for our puppy.
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