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Looking for advice on adopting and reading health results of adult Goldens

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Hello everyone! Happy thanksgiving!

We have been looking to adopt an adult Golden and to that effect I have emailed multiple breeders. I have heard back from two and they have provided some information about the dogs and I have been able to locate some more from k9data. I don’t yet know how to read the results from k9data and interpret them. So requesting help from the community :)

Option 1:
Kennel: Dandelion Meadow farms
Dog: Lexi (Lexi)
k9data/OFA: Nothing that I could find
My research/questions: She has already had 2 surgeries for OCD in one shoulder. She has resource guarding tendencies (plus chicken incidents) and I feel that with a young kid, this might not be the best dog for us.

Option 2:
Kennel: KP Golden Retrievers (Our Dogs)
Dog: KP's Chargin Up the Paddles (Fib). She has an HRC Started title as per the breeder)
K9data: Pedigree: KP's Chargin up The Paddles
OFA: Advanced Search | OFA
My research/questions: I don’t see any elbow and hips information. Although it’s possible those results are still to be uploaded Because her sister from the same litter (KP’s Gunna Call a Code Advanced Search | OFA) just had a bunch of results listed in the last week or so. I am going to ask her more questions about missing test results soon.

I don’t know anough about any of these tests or the breeder to know if these dogs are healthy and/or current health issues don’t necessary indicate big troubles down the line.

It would be of great help to me if someone can help me figure out if I should move forward or not. Also, what further questions I should ask?

Thanks a lot in advance for all the help :)
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Big nope for me on Lexi. Asking for trouble.

Fib could be a great companion, she could also be super high energy. She has a very nice field pedigree. She just turned two so may not have had health testing yet. I would pursue this one, but please meet the dog and see if her energy level meets your lifestyle.
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