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Looking for advice on adopting and reading health results of adult Goldens

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Hello everyone! Happy thanksgiving!

We have been looking to adopt an adult Golden and to that effect I have emailed multiple breeders. I have heard back from two and they have provided some information about the dogs and I have been able to locate some more from k9data. I don’t yet know how to read the results from k9data and interpret them. So requesting help from the community :)

Option 1:
Kennel: Dandelion Meadow farms
Dog: Lexi (Lexi)
k9data/OFA: Nothing that I could find
My research/questions: She has already had 2 surgeries for OCD in one shoulder. She has resource guarding tendencies (plus chicken incidents) and I feel that with a young kid, this might not be the best dog for us.

Option 2:
Kennel: KP Golden Retrievers (Our Dogs)
Dog: KP's Chargin Up the Paddles (Fib). She has an HRC Started title as per the breeder)
K9data: Pedigree: KP's Chargin up The Paddles
OFA: Advanced Search | OFA
My research/questions: I don’t see any elbow and hips information. Although it’s possible those results are still to be uploaded Because her sister from the same litter (KP’s Gunna Call a Code Advanced Search | OFA) just had a bunch of results listed in the last week or so. I am going to ask her more questions about missing test results soon.

I don’t know anough about any of these tests or the breeder to know if these dogs are healthy and/or current health issues don’t necessary indicate big troubles down the line.

It would be of great help to me if someone can help me figure out if I should move forward or not. Also, what further questions I should ask?

Thanks a lot in advance for all the help :)
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Thank you. I am definitely going to ask the breeder about energy levels as I am absolutely 100% sure that if the needs of the pup are much more than what I can provide then we would have to pass on this particular pup.
Every pup deserves to be happy and if walks and yard play and mental stimulation is not enough for a pup then it's just not the right fit.

However, the reason I bumped is because I'm concerned about k9data and ofa results or lack thereof. Is there someone else I need to look or something else I can do to find more information. I asked the breeder to send health test results before we do a call post thanksgiving but she just mentioned that the results should be on k9data.
The second one may not have had hips/elbows. It might be that breeder kept two and is now placing one, or maybe she did get hips/elbows and didn't pass- no way to know without asking.
Realize hips/elbows can be quite costly to do depending on where one lives.
While I appreciate the honesty on Lexi- no. Asking for issues.
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