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My puppy came home on BIL JAC PUPPY FOOD AND WOULD NOT EAT IT!My vet suggested Science Diet large breed puppy food.Abbey has been on it for months and her stool is awful.I have had her back and forth to the vet numerous times.Her stool is very soft and she seems to produce lots of it.I was concerned as I have read a lot of people feel this food is junk.I am considering switching her food to ORIJEN..My brother feeds this to his dogs and everything I have read seems to be positive.Any suggestions.She is 7 months old and having surgery today[SPAY]When she is feeling better I want to do a slow gradual change.My vet does not feel this is required but I do feel it is worth a shot...could all the corn be causing this problem with her GI system, she is gassy and I feel things could be a lot better.:) Thanks for your input

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A gassy dog is a sure sign that digestively, something isn't as "right" as it could be. I'd definitely try a food switch.

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Well, I'm gonna have to start out by saying that neither of those foods are really considered high quality foods. The ingredient list for Bil Jac is just awful to me.

When you see Corn, RUN!

Science Diet hasn't been really good for many years, since the original Hills family sold it years ago. The original intent and design of Science Diet had great intentions.

Science Diet is now owned by a Toothpaste Company (Colgate-Palmolive).

Ok, so what to do?

Luckily there are many, many great quality foods you can choose from. Some are:

Taste Of The Wild
Castor & Pollux
California Natural (especially helpful if your dog develops bad ears or allergies).
and many more...

I'm going through a switch myself right now.

Some decisions to make are:

Mixed Raw?
High Protien?
Moderate Protien?
etc.. etc.. etc...

One tip. Watch the protein and calcium levels for puppies. Neither should be really high for pups from what I understand.

This is just the start of a very long adventure LOL

And, a lot of it will depend on what your pup likes!

Good luck ;)
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